Unlike other access points to the sex trade, such as prostitution, sex shops and strip clubs, users are not limited by location or time.2.

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Users can present a completely fabricated image of themselves, easily lying about their age, gender, address and appearance in a way that would be impossible using other forms of interaction.4.

Affordability Once the cost of accessing a computer and internet has been taken care of, cybersex can be a low-cost means of accessing porn and other sexual material.

However, particular problems relate to cybersex addiction specifically.

These are related to sexuality and the online experience.

When people use the internet, they become detached from the world around them, and from other people.

Taken to the extreme, this detachment can cut you off from developing relationships with others, and from living in the present, both of which can cause difficulties in relationships, especially intimate relationships.

All can cause problems and pose risks to internet users.

There are three main categories of cybersex: Five central factors make cybersex particularly appealing:1.

Unlike many other forms of sex addiction, there is no risk of sexually transmitted infections or the distraction of reality.