When an attribute point is maximized for the corresponding Archetype Classes this "Build" produces a classic triumvirate of MMO's: Warrior = Tank; Archer = DPS/Single Target; Enchantress = AOE Nuke/Healer; Ranger = Close Combat DPS; Paladin = Tank/Support.By spending points on atypical attributes a hybrid build is achieved.

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Competitions and tournaments are organized and player-run on the STS Forums.

Arena Pv P involves two teams of players of either 1v1 or 3v3 or 5v5, identified as either the red or blue team.

Is a RPG Player vs Environment (Pv E) Level-Clearing: system.

Players (avatars) form cooperative teams involving the primary objectives of clearing levels of AI-controlled monsters, collecting item drops and finding treasure chests for gold coins.

There is also a Light Blue rarity for vanity items, which replace the appearance of your standard gear.

There are also newly added elite weapons which are a dark purple color In addition, there are item sets.

These offer exclusive set bonuses to increase player stats and can be identified on other characters by sparkles emitting from their body.

End game dungeons (levels 50–76) holds the bulk of item sets in the game.

Some additional, premium content ranging from extra maps to character upgrades/adjustments and vanities are purchased through the use of Platinum.