Bought this product thru the Jumi one product, it took my money but never delivered the purchased product.

I then went to the ITunes store to look for my purchased product and was not there.

You need to be on the same Wi-Fi network for the app to work. This one will need a Mac or Windows computer to work as the host.

The functionality is very basic and not very advanced. We would love to see a paid version that has even more advanced features. The $1.99 app has many of the limitations the other apps do. There is nothing that makes this app stand out above the others. The app acts as a viewer of your computer's web cam.

It gives you instant control over all rooms in your home, your office, your garage, and even your grandma’s house if you wanted.

BLASTING SPEED Jumi Cam Lite has video & audio streaming technologies that provide the best performance available.

Air Cam Live Video is okay, but really needs some work before we can fully recommend it.

HTTP Live Streaming (or HLS) is an adaptive streaming communications protocol created by Apple to communicate with i OS and Apple TV devices and desktops.It includes all the jumi free products and the possibility to upgrade to any of the premium apps.We always recommend Jumi One – it is our latest platform product where you’ll get much more for the same free cost.This technology enables you to have longer battery life, but you lose audio and an actual live video feed in the process. If you don’t need a true video stream, this may be the app for you. There are some nice features like motion detection, which triggers the video to start.Just View is a free app that sends photos from a computer’s web cam to this app. There is night mode and even two-way video streaming.The free app sends a live video stream out of your i Phone.