The application provides over 800 words and phrases to study, and supports .

Learn Japanese also allows you to record yourself speaking and compare your pronunciation with the program’s to ensure that your pronunciation sounds like that of a native.

Category: Vocabulary & Grammar (Free) App Store Learn Japanese by Mindsnacks is an app that focuses mostly on building vocabulary, and is great for adults and children alike.

It’s a unique language learning program designed to get you to total Japanese mastery, complete with active learning tools like vocabulary lists, multimedia flashcards and more.

Even the flashcards have something special to offer learners—they integrate video clips, imagery and audio to create rich, memorable learning experiences and help you retain Japanese vocabulary better than ever.

Simply tap “add” to send interesting vocabulary words to your running vocab list for later review.

As you can see, Fluent U isn’t just for watching videos.Which ones are best suited to your personal language learning preferences?Which will be more effective when added to your existing study routine?You’ll learn real Japanese as it’s spoken in real life by native speakers.That’s because you’ll be watching authentic content that Japanese speakers on the regular.All that depends on you, your goals, your study tactics and the way your brain learns best.