Tn TI was furnishing a property abroad last year and I spent several frustrating days trolling from shop to shop in the local town, never being able to find exactly what I wanted. Got several of those 'Grono' (two dots above the O's) ligthts.Then I heard there was an IKEA a few hours drive away. We have Indian Mahrani furniture from JLP and I made a couple of stands for said lights, using the pencils and tape measures in the process, stained them and then polished them with black and the brown boot polish.So if you get a new catalogue on your first visit each year, then you can pick out what you want, go straight to the warehouse and print off the location(s) of the items you need and beat the queues at the checkout. When I realised you couldn't just go to the checkout and had to follow their stupid maze, I put the chair down, kicked open the fire door and walked outside back to the car. Brought loads of curtains and curtain poles with the wife.

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If I could find the same stuff for the same price in a more pleasant environment then I would shop there, but as that's not going to happen I guess we are stuck with it. "My wife and daughter (bless 'em)": I too have one of each; 2. "but I can't stand the place": ditto, _________________________ but 1 and 2 are trumps. or the fire hazard, which is 1 in my view, but again, who cares?

I would rather stick pins in my eyes than experience another Sunday afternoon of torture being dragged around Ikea :mad: The bookcases I bought were good value though and still look nice a few years later. Never been into a store, looked at their stuff in the catalogues etc but not had the pleasure of visiting.

I told her if she wanted them she could go back in, but that was me done for life with the bl00dy place. Went in and was shortly after pounced one by one of their (Indian) staff on the look out for discerning customers (suckers).

Once he ascertained I wanted to furnish an apartment he made an appointment and measured up the apartment.

:hmm: (Once I bought my own place in UK I replaced it all with real furniture though.

Only got one IKEA cupboard left, and thats going in the skip shortly.)The place is a bit of a fake from the start.

The store layout is fine - there are plenty of shortcuts to bypass each department - you don't need to follow the whole path round, you know.

They even supply store maps showing you the shortcuts, so don't complain! BUT never, ever, visit on a Saturday :} We had to once because we needed a new bed for our new house in a hurry and we find the experience difficult to talk about even now :uhoh: (Croydon - an hour from the Polish War Memorial to the carpark! Straight into the restaurant before heading into the maze.

I was looking for a cabinet to put the PC in, and I couldn't find anything I liked in the IKEA brochure so I opted for a one in Argos.