These include: If your brushbar is still not working after following the above steps, then you should contact your vacuum cleaner’s manufacturer for further assistance. Do you have a system for avoiding obstructions when vacuuming?

It’s always a good idea before you start to go around the room and pick up any large items that may cause this sort of problem.

Tassels on rugs or curtains can cause the same issue, so make sure you give them a wide berth. The next step will depend on the style of upright vacuum cleaner you own.

Almost immediately, investigations were launched by state and local law enforcement agencies and the FBI, resulting quickly in the arrest of the executive director’s son on multiple felony drug counts with intent to distribute.

In October, the investigations bore fruit when executive director James Brown was indicted on misconduct in office by a state grand jury and was allowed to retire.

Stories about Brown’s abuse of power aren’t hard to find.

There’s the story of Sunshine Eskew, a 54-year-old who worked her way up from part-time bus driver carrying senior citizens and delivering meals to programming administrative coordinator at the main office.

Traditional upright models feature a consumable drive belt which may need to be checked and replaced, but others allow you to attempt to ‘reset’ the brushes and resume cleaning immediately.

Now is the time to dig out that user guide and look at the troubleshooting section!

She enjoyed Brown’s favor until his brother, Jeff, decided he wanted her job. Zenethia Brown (no relation) was the director of communications making ,000 a year with a master’s degree.