She also supports civil marriage as an option and the setting up of temporary camps for Syrian refugees, and eventually doing away with sectarian quotas in the government.Klink justified Hizbollah's attachment to its arms but condemned the party for using its military strength against other Lebanese factions and citizens.All you have to do is send them a message and book an appointment.

" The campaign has since taken Lebanese media by storm, dominating chat shows, newspapers and social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

And it has gone beyond Ms Chamoun's breasts, kickstarting the conversation about what kind of a society Lebanon wants to be.

Klink's performance was criticized for being overly erotic and provocative, some described her as "dancing like a cat in heat" while the song's lyrics were seen as alluding to the artist's private parts.

Klink was accused of degrading the Arab art as her voice does not meet the minimum standards.

Parliamentary Speaker Nabih Berri ruled her vote invalid because "She's Orthodox", alluding to Lebanese political tradition of selecting a Maronite Catholic for President.

(Michel Aoun was ultimately elected.) the video then was banned by the country’s justice ministry due to the appearance of a little girl dancing with Klink on the bed, the presence of the little girl amounted to child “exploitation.” as the lyrics of the song include several sexual innuendos.The religious figures forced Lebanese OTV channel’s variety show “Sorry Bas” to cut Klink's video after airing it.During a January 2013 interview she discussed a number of her positions including her support for the amendment of the current nationality law that forbids foreign husbands of Lebanese wives and their children from obtaining Lebanese citizenship.Started on the 12th of February 2014, the #Strip For Jackie campaign already gained over 15,000 followers and features models, men and women, stripping and featuring a “I am Not Naked/I am a [Enter description]” tagline.Conceptualized by Cynthia-Maria Aramouni, photographed by Tarek Moukaddem and Carl Halal and directed by Mohamad Abdouni, the #Strip For Jackie campaign is calling on everyone – those who are comfortable doing so, of course – to join.The two models have filed lawsuits against one another.