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An accusatory tone and threats of fire and brimstone will only alienate these youngsters even further.

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It was during the 20-minute ride that I managed to have a chat with these girls aged, if I remember correctly around 15 and 16 years. At one point the policewoman looked to me and said judging from the girls’ answers, it seemed that some of the guys they arrested are going to have an added charge of statutory rape.

I asked them a slew of questions while driving the car to the station. Which brings me to the present slew of youngsters caught in “underage sex” as some tabloids love to scream (accompanied by grainy images of schoolchildren in uniform engaging in unsanctioned extra-curricular activities.) Although there was mutual consent, the police have in some of these matters treated the issue as a crime more than a social problem.

Moral education need to be complemented by realism – that some kids will break the taboo.

The consequences of young parenthood and sexually transmitted diseases must be the driving force in efforts to protect them.

Unless one party was forced and there was a clear case of rape, what good are we doing for these children – the boys included – by treating them as criminals?

Should they not be counselled and protected, instead of interrogated and punished?However, if there were any assignments during this God-forsaken time, they were usually action packed; a fire, an accident, a robbery, a police shootout or an immigration and anti-vice raid on sleazy joints in the city.Sometimes you end up not just observing and reporting the events but also being actively involved in them.Annuar Musa pulls out, names Johor crown prince new FAM chief The Edit: New study shakes up the dinosaur family tree Grant citizenship to stateless children adopted by Malaysians, lawyers say The Edit: Rachel Weisz casts a dark spell in ‘My Cousin Rachel’ A former managing editor of The Malay Mail newspaper, Terence is today a media and perception management consultant.With 20 years of journalism behind him, he has received numerous awards for investigative reporting and public service journalism notably from the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) and the Society of Publishers Asia (SOPA). Nothing much happened between midnight and 8am, meaning I had the whole office to myself and the time needed to finish pending stories without distractions.Make sure to give them exact instructions on sexual positions and length of sex.