The Film Censorship Board of Malaysia is the government agency responsible for granting licenses to the films for commercial viewing.Malaysia's film censorship guidelines were further tightened in 2003 amid rising Islamic conservatism: In addition to nudity and sex scenes being strictly censored off, kissing scenes and cleavages were also censored and many movies were banned altogether.

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Concerns have been raised over the board's political neutrality, as it is under the control of the Malaysian home office.

All newspapers need an official permit to print, which must be renewed annually.

No kissing was allowed between two men or two women.

Pornography of any kind is strictly banned in Malaysia.

As of 28 January 2014 many political sites have been blocked by the Malaysian government.

Internet users will encounter a blue and black box with "This website is not available in Malaysia as it violates the National law" announcement.

, a number of websites critical of the Malaysian Government had been pulled off.

In 2016, Malaysia was ranked 146th (out of 180) in the Worldwide Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders.

The licensing system allows the government to close media outlets at will and often encourages publishers to toe the line.