They continue to keep it healthy in their foods as well, using organic, locally grown ingredients.Their turkey and cheeses for sandwiches and panini’s are brought in from Choice City Butcher and Sun Flour Bakery bakes their breads and pastries.Living in Fort Collins, it never occurred to me that anything was open past pm other than 24 Hour Fitness and Wal-Mart. The Alley Cat Cafe is a 24 hour coffee house concealed, literally, in the alley between College and Mason off of Laurel.

It was a great, healthy way to start out the meeting.

During our meeting on the patio, I noticed how dog-friendly the cafe is.

I ordered a latte ($3.25) and their Western Bagel sandwich – egg, cheddar cheese, onions, peppers, cucumbers and sprouts on a whole wheat bagel ($3.85).

The barista working that morning was especially friendly, talking about another writing group that frequently meets there (The Young Republicans, which we are not and this made me laugh).

I had never been to The Alley Cat until I suggested we have our next writing group meeting there.

Bright and early on a Saturday morning we practically took over their patio, enjoying the beautiful morning, the delicious coffee and the ironic discussions.

He was also quick, bringing out my breakfast to me, complete with Rosetta latte art (I’m a sucker for food art and I love it when I get pretty lattes). The next time I would order this, I would sub the cheese for cream cheese to add a little smoothness to the crunch of the toasted bagel.

The rest of it was fine and the vegetables were fresh and crisp.

It’s also impressive to see Yerba Mate on their menu, a stimulating South American tea.