Instead, with only Van Dyke indicted, it looks like he’s being sacrificed in order to protect the system that created him.Andy Savage saw the video for the first time in his bedroom.Slager chased him and used a Taser to bring him down.

It was just about a year ago that a city whistleblower came to journalist Jamie Kalven and attorney Craig Futterman out of concern that Laquan Mc Donald’s shooting a few weeks earlier “wasn’t being vigorously investigated,” as Kalven recalls.

The source told them “that there was a video and that it was horrific,” he said.

The settlement included a provision keeping the video confidential.

“The real issue here is, this terrible thing happened, how did our governmental institutions respond? “And from everything we’ve learned, compulsively at every level, from the cops on the scene to the highest levels of government, they responded by circling the wagons and by fabricating a narrative that they knew was completely false.” To him this response is “part of a systemic problem” and preserves “the underlying conditions that allow abuse and shield abuse.” In April, the Chicago Tribune revealed Van Dyke’s name and his in the hours after the shooting.

"It's important for everyone that it comes across fair and square.

Let me just say this: If he's acquitted, let's see what kind of fight they get out of Charleston."Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett said she remained "steadfast in my refusal to try this case in the press" and declined to comment extensively for this report."I have no doubt that we will give the Scott family and defendant Slager a fair trial," she said, "and that the jury will see this case for exactly what it is."At a hearing last week, she added, "Our goal is not to win.

The next month, the City Council approved a million settlement with Mc Donald’s family, whose attorneys had obtained the video.

They said it showed Mc Donald walking away from police at the time of the shooting, contradicting the police story that he was threatening or had “lunged at” cops.

Local leaders like Bryant met with area police officials last week to plan for the possibility of unrest after such a verdict.