Just select "Take Me Private" when you want to try that feature — the results of spending time together that way can be amazing!Best of all, there's no additional cost to use cam-to-cam when you're in a private show.Arrested Development is an American television sitcom created by Mitchell Hurwitz, which originally aired on Fox for three seasons from November 2, 2003 to February 10, 2006.

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The next step would be to use an AUV, an autonomous underwater vehicle, and have it run at 400 or 500 feet above the bottom and do a sonar profile of the bottom... that don't look like flat bottom, and you say 'Are those rocks, is that geology or does that look like the piece of an aircraft? you go back, either with that type of vehicle or an ROV (a remotely operated vehicle) that would be hanging down from a ship on a cable.

And you'd take a look essentially with a video camera.

Despite critical acclaim, Arrested Development received low ratings and viewership on Fox, which canceled the series in 2006.

Rumors of an additional season and a feature film persisted until 2011, when Netflix agreed to license new episodes and distribute them exclusively on its video streaming service. Netflix has also commissioned a fifth season of Arrested Development, which is expected to premiere in 2017.

The Titanic moviemaker, who is an avid devotee of deep-sea diving, insists the success of the search will hinge on whether the 'ping' signals picked up by the search teams were actually emitted from the plane's black box recording device, but he is adamant he knows exactly how to find the missing plane.

In a chat with fans on Reddit.com, Cameron explains, "Well, I know how it will be done.

Set in Newport Beach, California, Arrested Development was filmed primarily in Culver City and Marina del Rey.

After its debut in 2003, the series received widespread critical acclaim, six Primetime Emmy Awards, and one Golden Globe Award, and has attracted a cult following, including several fan-based websites.

And then you'd be able to identify whether that target was in fact the aircraft you are looking for." He then adds, "That's how it would be done.

But it all hinges on whether or not those pings are actually from the black box, and not from something else, like a scientific instrument that's drifted off course or whatever." Cameron used his deep-sea diving expertise on his films The Abyss and Titanic, and he broke the record for the deepest ever solo submarine dive in 2012 when he plunged seven miles (11 kilometres) underwater to the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean.

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