Photo: Meleanie Hain carries a gun at her daughter's soccer game.

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The couple's three young children were home just before the murder-suicide, but authorities stopped short of saying they were home at the time.

The online friend heard a shot and screams and turned to see Scott Hain firing, they said."He kept open his Web cam episode; however, he heard nothing or saw nothing after that," Wright said. Meleanie Hain became a voice of the gun-rights movement last year when she fought for the right to carry a holstered pistol at her young daughter's soccer games.

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The man, who was described as a friend of both Scott and Meleanie Hain, called 911.

Police say Scott Hain, 33, used his own gun to fire several shots into his 30-year-old wife perhaps at the same time as she was washing dishes in the kitchen. Meleanie Hain's infamous loaded pistol - with a bullet ready in the chamber - was in a backpack hanging from the front door.

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