Like video production, it's an exploitation of greed and lust, but the method of commodification is the provision of the means for satisfying the public's desire for intimacy. That's much creepier.[3]The core difference between dating online and offline is the same as the difference between dating in Ellsworth, Maine, and dating in Manhattan: quantity of contact. Over the years of working for and patronizing dating sites, I've heard a number of people say "he/she uses X dating site and brings home all these disgusting men/women/creeps/tramps" which I don't doubt, but these people would be bringing home the same demographic were they using non-digital means.A friend of mine dismisses dating sites on the grounds that it's too obvious that all the people want is sex.[1] It's about the insights into the world of online dating and people in general that kept me hooked on the job long after I checked out on being a part of the actual work. I have no problem with math majors; I'm dating one. I have a huge problem with people who use the phrases "the average person" or "the man on the street" as synonyms for "people dumber than I am." I've always found it interesting how math and engineering majors deride philosophy majors, while philosophy majors dismiss math and science people, all with the same justification: your discipline isn't hard enough.

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The attention seeking subclass never moves past this initial stage.

The next most common variation in this stage is the Dadaist profile.

There is a particular class of these profiles made up of girls seeking attention.

Guys generally don't seek attention that won't theoretically lead to sexual satisfaction; girls do.

There is rarely any evidence of this extremely common male behavior before it happens. You can also get an inkling of a potential date's date-maturity level by understanding the evolution of the profile.

After perusing thousands of profiles while bored at work, I've identified three distinct stages of profile design.This is the dark truth about internet dating: a lot of people are paid a lot of money to quantify and commodify your need for intimacy.But this is not the dark truth many people sub-lingually hint at with the comment "There's just something, I dunno, weird about it" and other vapid dismissals of e Dating.It's a far better way to judge sexual charisma, but it's a terrible way to judge anyone with even a shred of self-awareness.Anyone who says they are a good judge of character in reference to people they've known less than one hundred cumulative hours is as self-delusional as people who say "I'm a people person" with a straight face, which is like saying "I'm a homo-sapien" as if it were an achievement. Assuming a barely honest online self-description and a photo shoot, you have a handful of empirical data before you commit to spending time with someone. The following is a common exchange on dating sites: From: Some_dudexxx Subject: Hi there You seem really nice, and cute.Men and women write things like "I enjoy kicking babies" and their favorite things are porn, donkeys, and setting Barbie dolls on fire.