She gone and set too many fires inside her uterus So she couldn't have kids no more Bet it was the stress on her internal organs They couldn't take the stress no more Im not impressed no more [Skepta] Its not you its me Can't diss me or my family tree Get a shank in your chest with my front door key Box in your face with my back door key Draw for the leng Kill an MC I got a black skii mask but i dont skii And if you diss Wiley or J. E I will come to your set like What sound boy, who is it? Everybody get sprayed Im a hitman but i dont get paid Two bullets in and a mans skin fades And leaving stains on his clothes like cherry ade Brand new duppies have to get made explode like grenades If you wanna draw for the blade I will be like what Devilman Who is it? [Devilman] You dont want me to burn the flame on Turn insane on Thunder lightning and rain on If you want war its game on Heres you head, i will bust the window pane on Its not hard to explain Make sure you get cracked like cocaine Make a man cut you up like sugar cane I grow like a flower when it get rained on I bring the pain on You can never train on the ground that i train on You can never come around me with a chain on End up with your head buss and your chain gone Couldn't mess with me from day one I got a black line Now i got a grey one I play the game you dont wanna play don So its best you stay out of my way don [Skepta] Dont talk to me about karate I will come to your birthday party Slap anyone i see taking charlie On the beef like a soldier from the iraqi Im from the sludem army My names junior, but when i see them pub guys They try call me darky So i fight for my right like marcus garvey Wearing a glove, boy better know i got a gun in my boxers I dont wanna send devilman to the doctors I wanna win a MOVO and go for the Oscars Theres only one bassman, so i gotta lick down any imposters I'll leave your head like innocent fosters [Devilman] Skepta Your not immaculate Your not elegant You get messed up like your mums if she pregnant Yeah Your not regular You play division I play premier You prolly got lyrics But i got manier D. V i got fans in kenya If you want a CD man a got ten here Just a lickle bit of wun mai pun senya Cause i move to physical Lyrically critical Its just typical From far from dispicable Just like trainers my styles are lickable Like punani My styles are lickable When im on the radio i get transmittable When im in a female i get literal No bullshit, yeah i mean literal [Skepta] Devilman draw for the shetty And the bullets dropping down like confetti But i won't bring a strap if the beef is petty Nah Devilman, i just draw for the shetty And i make his belly look like a bowl of spaghetti Leave his lip bust and his forehead sweaty I'll make him wish he never drawed the machete Go on Devilman you think your ready Go on then draw for the gatty I'll burn out your mouth like a salt fish patty Won't bring a strap if your just a little batty And the machete will leave his T shirt tatty And i will make his belly look like a bowl of basmati Leave him with a sweaty forehead like a fatty Still wants to be a hot head like ratty Go on then, draw for the gatty, go on then [Devilman] Yeah I will torture skepta like i play with toys Torture skepta like i play with toys Cover his mouth so it dont make noise And then go, make sure he is tied to the bed Cut his face and bring force to his head and i dread And see how much blood that he shed Because i know most of the blood comes from his head My favourite colours are purple and red So you might as well say skepta is dead You will get a fung mai lung sun win sen if you dont show me where the bling is [Skepta] Yo Skepta Why you killing off Devilman for?That was me two years ago having a meltdown over the phone.Come to your house in a Ford Orion Draw for tool go on then Rawr let me spit Devilman big a lickle bit Cuz Devilmans trying to get big a lickle bit [Devilman] Yo Skepta the chance of you beating me in this clash right now is reducing Im gonna make you wish you stopped to producing And your not even a good producer And your girl looks like medusa Basically no man even wanna do her When ever i see her i have to excuse her If you dont believe me ask Bruza Basically no make up can change her Skepta your a prick your not major Draw for the or the 12 gauge Sum lai wun skeptas a battyman Wun wun wun mai lung I said shame on Skepta Devilmans burning a flame on Skepta I'll write my name on skepta Skeptas a battyman!

Chat slang is a method of typing long words and phrases as short one-to-four letter words and is also used by people who have difficulties spelling.

For example, instead of typing out "are", someone may only type "r." Although chat slang can be easier for you and sometimes faster to type, it makes it difficult to read and most people will ignore you.

Dealing with the emotional and physical effects of cancer and its treatments isn’t easy. Fear, stress, depression, pain and extreme fatigue can definitely make you cranky. You know what they say: feel like shit, look like shit. Play the card Yes, I’m talking about the Cancer Card. You have a condition others don’t, so why not use it to your advantage? He saw through my manipulation technique and suggested I focus on the treatment plan I was given by my oncologist. I was a long way from being healthy again, but I desperately needed to rip my jogging pants off, slap some lipstick on and enjoy some much needed girl time.

This is why it’s important to surround yourself with people that love you, preferably unconditionally. You need something special to give you an extra kick and lift your spirits up. When I arrived at the bar with my friends, the doorman wanted to charge us 10$ each to get in. I had no choice but to pull out my secret weapon: “Excuse me sir, this is my first night out in a long time and I have cancer. Look, here’s my scar.” And that’s how five girls saved $50. Expose yourself to meaningless and funny entertainment When you’re going through treatment, chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time at home.

see the shorthand dictionary definition for a listing of these terms and each of their meanings.

Below is a listing of commonly used chat slang and typo's and their proper English meaning.Now put that Prosecco down because we need to talk about transactivism and women’s rights.While women across the world remembered today those who went before them, who inspired, led, governed…I had no kids, no dog (it didn’t have to be this way) and no responsibilities apart from brushing my teeth and taking my meds during my treatment. I wasn’t in the mood for soul-searching or figuring out the meaning of life. I found that exposing myself to stuff without substance really helped me get through the rough times. They didn’t realize I meant “Today is a good day compared to the shitty one I had yesterday”.Such meaninglessness can include: action movies with a lot of violence and explosions, reality tv, gossip magazines, etc. I found their lack of understanding frustrating – even though I knew it wasn’t their fault. You’re entitled to your emotions and you need to be true to yourself. It’s ok to be mad about having to postpone your studies or not getting that dream job.Below, is an example of someone saying "Are you smart because I need someone smart".