There has been the last few years, a growing problem with credit card scams using the internet.

This is a world wide fraud and uses debit and credit cards.

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Banks don't care because the amount is under their refund policy. But if enough customers get stuck, then the bank has to cancel paying that particular intermediary billing company.

One guy is reputed to have made $45 million in California and Las Vegas, doing this scheme over the last two years.

The smart thing is to cut up your credit cards and buy a money belt and use cash.

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With on-line credit card sales, a valid credit card number is now sidetracked to a criminal conspiracy, literally spanning many different foreign countries.

Once a criminal outfit has many good credit card numbers, they follow the procedure of setting up an adult sex site, using credit card payments.

What is important for Belizeans to be aware of, is the applicable lessons to be learned in adult video sites, billing credit card collection companies, internet banks and credit card e-mail unsolicited spam mails, seeking to promote your business with easy credit card collections.

Banks have to learn to protect their customers billing from credit cards with more than one verification procedure.

Banks originally relied mostly on the vendors to double check the I. Banks for the most part simply relied on these procedures to validate the payment of bills from credit card collection companies. Banks often have rules, that say they are a) not responsible for credit card refunds under , or b) not responsible for credit card refunds made for complaints after 60 days. You then get as many credit card numbers as you can, by soliciting nearly free services to bill for small businesses, or offering items for sale that are extremely cheap if bought by credit card numbers, or use a number generator ( uses algorithms ).