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But today, youre as likely to find him in a sports arena playing music from his Rock Symphonies album to shrieking hordes of fans as to hear him exploring Beethovens violin concerto in some stately concert hall. I never stopped playing classical music, he says, in fluent English inflected with both his native German and a trace of New York, where he went to study in the late Nineties.

But when you become really accomplished on the violin, and you can play the technical stuff from Paganini onwards, you can literally do anything.

"He has to be covered in cream all day every day, but he is determined and dedicated to his music.

"Wishes 4 Kids arranged for him to meet his favourite musician and he had a fantastic time.

"David is big in Europe but doesn't tour in the UK very much so Geoffrey has been waiting for years for this opportunity." Russell Brickett, from Wishes 4 Kids, said: "We found out Geoffrey was a huge David Garrett fan so we were really pleased to be able to set up a very special occasion for him.

"He is overcoming a condition which makes things very hard from him, so it's great that he has had a bit of a treat." Adam Sweeting meets David Garrett, the pin-up who plays Nirvana and Led Zeppelin on the fiddle .

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