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“Their actions have not only tarnished the image of the Semporna district, particularly Pulau Sibuan under the control of Sabah Parks where this incident is understood to have been widely spread through social media (We Chat).

“This situation also goes against the culture of this district where the majority are Muslims and it has also gone against the decency of reasonable humans,” the Semporna district officer wrote in an October 19 letter sighted by In the same letter, Chacho urged for an investigation into this purported incident and for action to be taken according to Sabah Parks’ existing laws and regulations.

Her predicament came to light when the man uploaded naked pictures of her online despite her following all his directives.

She confessed to her family and told them she had wanted to kill herself many times because of the torment she was undergoing.

Sentenced to three days’ jail and fined RM5,000 each, they were released immediately after paying the fine as they had been detained since their arrest on June 9.

For the incident where the women had gone topless and the men had gone completely nude despite warnings from their mountain guide, the four could have spent up to three months behind bars and a fine — which is the maximum penalty under Section 294(a) of the Penal Code for public indecency.Quek believes others may have fallen victim to the man known only as Ho and asked them to come forward to help identify him.The news report said Ho, had groomed the girl since she was just 12, to obey him.A photo circulated on social media shows several nude individuals standing with their back to the camera in the shallow waters of a beach, while another photo shows five nude individuals posing for the camera in a similar setting.was not able to independently verify at this point if the photos shown are of the alleged Sibuan Island incident.PETALING JAYA: For the past four years, a teenage girl was terrorised by a man she met online who coaxed her to send nude photos of herself and eventually had sex with her.