However, I would just hang out for awhile and get a feel for what others here have gone through. I hope eventually you will be able to be proud of who you are.

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Admitting to yourself,that your gay, is probably one of the hardest things you'll ever do. Others can give you advice and you can read others stories.( it is quite helpful) but,in the end,it's you who has to decide which direction your life is going in. At the minute I prefer people thinking I'm straight and I do kiss girls when I'm out quite a lot.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to involve yourself in gay youth groups or seek a professional to help guide you. Part of the problem is probably that I do quite well with ladies for some reason and even ended up kissing a really hot girl last night (I don't string people along though).

blow up peoples walls and inboxes for advice on how to become comfortable with this part of yourself and move on with your life. I am 40 and with in the past year or so just became comfortable with the fact I am gay.

Now I'm bi, but I tend to lean towards the gay side and I know what your apprehensions are. But being gay doesn't mean that you have to change anything. You don't have to dress from head to toe in Pink and run around screaming "I'm gay" at the top of your lungs! there are people on here who didn't come out until their fifties, or hell, even realize it to themselves. Just be patient and remember that everything that happens in our relationships follows the same patterns as our spiritual as well as psychological growth. Once I became comfortable with myself I became truly happy and started to date myself.

Coming to terms with being gay is hard for alot of people.

I, myself,never did the back & forth thing,but many people do. I haven't ever told anyone and I'm ridiculously uncomfortable with the whole gay thing.

I'm 21, soon to be 22 and I don't want to waste my youth.

Do you think meeting another 'closet case' would be my best plan of action and most importantly does anyone know any good websites where I could do this (either UK or Irish based, I live in Northern Ireland)?? I'm sure a lot of people will say I should just come out and accept it but that's not an option.

I'd happily cut 50 years off my life if it meant I could be straight and I want to meet someone who feels the same to assure myself I'm not mental.

We can't give out dating websites here its against the code of conduct.

I probably should mention I've never had sex - with anyone.