She had been stripped down to her sheer black nylons.

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He took off his clothes and sat down and watched me as I […] It was Tuesday, and as always, I make my way to the convent. I waited quietly as the sisters filed into the hall. She also was on the debate team, volleyball team and track team. I just couldn’t wait till I right the main story in a few days, I did promise you a follow up.

After a short homily, and prayer, the group began to mingle. We walked into the beautiful garden, and chose a quiet, secluded […] CHAPTER ONE: We’re a happily married white couple in our mid 50s. Crystal, Misty’s sister, had her physical a few months back and it was fine. I wanted to let all you ladies and gents know the best thing I got my hubby to do.

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It’s time for yet another cell check, which in isolation is done every ten minutes, all day, every day. Still with her back to the nurse, Deb hooks her thumbs in to the waistband of the thong. The nurse turns the chair around […] It was that time of year again. I […] My name is Arron Gates I’m a straight, 19 year-old guy with an athletic build, blonde eyes, blue hair, standing at 6’1.