The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is the foundation of the work of Safer Internet Centre (SIC) Norway; both in terms of right to information, expression, participation and last, but not least, the right to protection.

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Leaning on knowledge gained from facts, surveys and contact with the target groups, SIC Norway wishes to offer a balanced and nuanced view concerning benefits, risks and harm and to uphold these rights at the same time.

The Norwegian Media Authority Safe Use is the national coordinator of the Norwegian Safer Internet Centre (SIC).

Description: It is a goal for the current Norwegian SIC to involve youth in all our projects and actions.

This means workshops and evaluation before launching new projects, and in improving and re-launching existing material.

The service is free of charge, it has a neutral position concerning questions of political, ethnical, religious and ideological character, and it is anonymous.

Description: Currently there is no INHOPE Member Hotline in Norway, however the Norwegian Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos) (NCIS) does provide an online hotline for reporting sexual exploitation of children, human trafficking and racism on the internet.

We are happy to help you with general questions via chat, but unfortunately we can not assist you with booking/changing of a ticket or questions regarding submitted claims/complaints.

Please note that an inquiry via chat is automatically saved, and a copy may be sent if requested.

The helpline deal with all aspects of young peoples lives, thoughts and questions, including their digital lives.