We also talk about how cat poop could be affecting your sex life, how diamonds are actually worthless, and answer a listener who slept with 2 of her ex's best friends....

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That means awkward gift exchanges, tales of V-days past and lot's of candy. This week's episode is sponsored by Adam and Eve, Bio Clarity, and Squarespace.

This week Laura and Angela discover an app that busts cheaters that are using Tinder, a study that makes them feel ok about seeking out revenge, and the kind of guy most likely to give you an orgasm (spoiler: being attractive is a factor). This week we welcome professional bridesmaid and author Jen Glantz and find out how a Craigslist ad for desperate brides turned into a whole business.

This week, we welcome back one of our favorite guests, author Jennifer Wright!

Jennifer's new book, Get Well Soon, is all about plagues which, you may be surprised to learn, does have something to do with dating! This week, Laura and Angela are each other's Valentines.

Relationship expert and acupuncturist to the stars James Rohr joins us this week to teach us about a holistic approach to manifesting the relationship you want.

He also tells us what the colors of our tongues mean and shares stories from his time... We help an audience member who's new boyfriend has a hot 19-year-old son.

“And I miss them a lot.”School officials initially told the TV station WWMT that teachers must get approval before discussing reproductive health, and provided a matching page from a school policy guidebook.“Being afraid of the word …

creates an aura of shame around the body part," Wint said.

They share their biggest hot mess moments (which involve a burrito and mailing clipped finger nails) and... This week, Laura and Angela compare resolutions, get the details we never knew we wanted about strap-ons, explore the sexual fantasies of the asexual, and help out a nice Pagan lady with dating woes! The ladies get all international this week talking about the joys of cross-cultural relationships.