The act of purchasing pantyhose, especially when aided by a female assistant wearing it herself, can also generate a degree of arousal.There are several reasons for women to wear pantyhose, each a possible reason for the allure of pantyhose fetishism: Some males with a pantyhose fetish may wear them for some of the reasons mentioned above.

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Some find arousal in sniffing the sour and pungent smell of smooth and soft made by excessive sweat when in pantyhose, due to poor ventilation of air especially when wearing pantyhose for long hours in closed garet thighs.

Others often find satisfaction in just looking at or more in that of rubbing, sucking/licking, and even massage of the penis (see Legjob) with the nylon clad lega.

In Japan, this industry has a long-established brick-and-mortar presence, known as burusera shops.

Outside Japan, such shops exist only on the internet and are generally run by individual women, as opposed to registered businesses.

Underwear fetishism is a sexual fetishism relating to undergarments, and refers to the sexual excitement which some people experience from observing or handling certain types of underwear, including panties, stockings, pantyhose, bras, or other items.

Some people experience sexual excitement from wearing certain types of underwear.The sub-categories and degrees of pantyhose fetishism are too many to list and is in many cases combined with other fetishes or paraphilias of the fetishist (and often his partner too) so as to make an individual's preferences as with many other popular fetishes unique.A few typical examples of sub-categories perhaps would be: The pantyhose covered leg can be extremely arousing to men.He may like his partner to encourage him in his fetish to the extent of them buying him pantyhose to wear and encouraging him to wear them.Sexual activity with his partner will likely be heightened if both parties are wearing pantyhose.The wearing of pantyhose by men can then become a strong, and much reinforced fetish aided and abetted by this 'pressure' which can consume some as it serves to expand the already highly charged fetish in itself.