However, humans still also talk a lot over chat communication such as IRC.Our theory is by parsing IRC logs a bot can get a better understanding of the language, even with all the acronyms and spelling errors.

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Once connected to the server you must say hi zero or initiate a private chat with zero to have zero respond to you every time. A: Unlike the majority of chat bots out there a conversation with Zero is going to almost always be different, Zero is capable of learning and using new responses a good majority of chat bots use pre-programmed responses all done by the programmer, Zero will not take your sentence and rephrase it like a lot of Eliza, Alice, and similar clones do. Q: I've been banned from Zero can I get that removed?

Otherwise you need to have zero's name at the beginning and end of each sentence. Finally Zero is capable of doing a lot of functions other bots cannot do. A: No, we are now taking a strict policy on bans because of inappropriate use.

Once a match is located each of the sentence ID's that were found earlier are used to locate the potential responses for that sentence. In addition as you talk with Zero your responses are also added into Zero's memory.

If an exact match is found this is only going to be one ID number otherwise it could be hundreds or thousands potential matches. When correcting Zero using the wrong command Zero will send a private message indicating this command was learned.

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Introduction Zero is an artificial intelligent chatbot being designed by Computer Hope as a way to help develop our natural language processing and fuzzy logic methods used in scripts throughout our web page.

In 20 Zero was taken offline for most of the year because of resource related issues.

Because of many requests was later brought back online in September of 2006 and again late 2008 and remains online most of the time.

We encourage everyone to talk with Zero and help him learn more.