PARENT : My child was on one of the two ISPs we have.

I am not sure which one because my child closed the ISP before telling me about the problem. PARENT : I think the time was maybe seven or eight last night.

As you can see, this leaves law enforcement with almost an insurmountable amount of obstacles.

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Why Our Best Defense Is Education Innovative software advances will help mightily, but the solutions in the marketplace would stifle the current threat from predators to a minimum.

One of the biggest problems of the Internet is the false sense of security both parents and predators have.

But it is possible to accidentally stumble into a private room.

Remember that all chat programs have private chat rooms, private chatting, and instant messaging of some kind.

It is amazing to me how many predators are truly unaware of how easy it is to find them.

They don't understand the technology, or certainly less so than the people who work diligently at software companies to outwit them.

The conversation most likely will not begin in a chat room, but in a private conversation.

A private chat room is somewhat like an instant message.

It creates a private space for "conversation" where both sides of the chat are displayed.