Also, unlike Twitter or Facebook where the amount of friend/followers you have is either limited or negatively affects your influencer score, there are no penalties for following as many people as you’d like.

Go ahead and add everyone who has an account, you can always unfollow them later.

The reason we want to add everyone is simple, people are more than 75% more likely to add your Snapchat to their account when you add them first based on the results I’ve gotten with my clients.

A combination of visual and aural factors can make it feel like Christmas, and that’s intentional according to people we recently spoke to who explained the designs of three totally different mystery mechanics.

US and Canadian authorities are rightfully spooked following a plane crash in Ontario, Canada on Sunday night. There’s absolutely no trace than anybody actually went down with the plane, sparking one of the weirdest mysteries of the year so far.

If you don’t pay attention, the snap is gone forever, as though it never even existed. Snapchat is now believed to have between 100-200 million monthly users.

This taps into one of our most primal fears; missing out. In January of 2014 they introduced the Discover feature, which allows companies like Mc Donald’s to present professionally created content from content creators such as CNN, Comedy Central and many more.

Snapchat was first released in 2011, amongst a mass of messaging apps from Whats App to Tango and many many more forgotten apps that creators thought would be the next big thing.

Snapchat allows you to send pictures and videos to a list of friends/followers, much like a million other apps out there.

The first step to making money on Snapchat is to build an audience.