Welcome to the incredible world of Eye Pet, an extraordinary experience which introduces a cheeky and fun new addition to your family.

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The Play Station Eye camera puts you and your Eye Pet into the same scene on TV, allowing you both to interact and play together.

Your Pet arrives in a cosy egg, eventually hatching under your care to reveal a friendly and adorable little creature, ready for your affection. Fluffy and endearing, your Pet can also be given a more personal touch with a little imagination and makeover magic. There are a variety of snazzy outfits to choose from, such as a dragon, cheerleader or even a spacesuit.

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Eye Pet is a cheeky and intelligent pet for all the family.

The more you play, teach and interact with him, the more he'll grow and evolve - and the more you'll bond with him.

If you draw a picture and show it to your Pet using the Play Station Eye camera, he will copy it to the best of his ability and then show his creativity with pride. And that's not all - by unlocking the magic pen you can draw toys such as a spaceship, plane or car for your Pet.

Once you've shown them to the Play Station Eye camera, they come to life in 3D, which you can control using the Wireless Controller and enjoy games between you and your Pet, or something for him to ride in.

By using your Magic Card, you can scan your Pet to check his mood, hunger and health, before feeding, washing or just playing with him to chase his blues away.