READ: Ruthless thugs gang rape woman and urinate in husband’s mouth The man, according to the tall tale, boarded a plane in Doha, Qatar and had the misfortune of bumping into a wily, Kenyan seductress. It was not hard for her to get his information, including his phone number which was present in his travel documents that she was privy to.

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Qatar Telecom (Qtel) is the telecommunications service provider licensed by the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ict QATAR) to provide both fixed and mobile telecommunications services.

Qtel had some 1.25 million mobile users as of December 2007, which indicates a more than 100 percent penetration rate in Qatar.

Message 9: Mercy reveals that she loves White men regardless of their age as long as they have money.

The conversation ends when the man tells her that he is going to report her to her employers in Qatar for her unbecoming behaviour.

Chapter 15 states that “power of monitoring and enforcement,” with the permission of the Attorney General and the Chairman of the Board, “may require service providers or others to provide information necessary for exercising its powers, and the information shall be furnished in the form, manner, and time as the government specifies.” The last chapter of the law covers offenses and penalties—mostly having to do with penalties that violate the previously mentioned articles, privacy, or security.

However, there are two subsets in this chapter which have a broader scope: clause 6 of Article 66 states that any person who uses “a telecommunication network” or allows “such use for the purposes of disturbing, irritating or offending any persons” can be fined or imprisoned for up to one year.

Qatar filters pornography, political criticism of Gulf countries, gay and lesbian content, sexual health resources, dating and escort services, and privacy and circumvention tools.

Internet users complain that non-obscene or non-offensive Web sites are also blocked.

- A Kenyan air hostess working with Qatar airways has been exposed by a married man that she was making sexual advances on - The hostess, identified as Mercy, retrieved the man's number from his travel documents and proceeded to offer sex, anal sex among other sexual favors in exchange for money- The man turns her advances down and reports her to her employers It goes down in the DM.

A man who has sought anonymity has exposed a Kenyan girl who was harassing him and desperately demanding for sex in exchange for financial favours.

Businesses within the State of Qatar are prohibited from selling Vo IP calls or services to the public without a license issued by ict QATAR.