This method is not 100% accurate, so you can be pregnant with the undesired sex.To increase the chances of pregnancy with the desired sex, the female should receive the appropriate diet; consider timing of ovulation, in addition to the IUI.

Sometimes a medical situation where there is a disease linked to either the male or female genes.

Since the eighties the researches are done in order to determine the gender of the baby, which is determined by the type of chromosome in that particular sperm (X-Chromosome) or (Y-Chromosome). This method depends on the molecular Weight of the sperm; researchers found that the y-sperm has a low molecular weight, so it is faster in movement but lives shorter.

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There were also some who believed that if they eat spices, meats or salted fish and testis of animals they were to produce male babies, while others thought that if they had the intercourse during the conjugal day they were to produce male, while during individual days they would produce females. An acidic media in the vagina favors the x-sperm, while alkaline media favors the y-sperm.

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