Santa, a woman who stands to lose everything she values in life.

First, she is forced to give up her dream of being a singer when she marries her boyfriend Pete.

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Bebing, a hunchback who has given up all hope of having a normal life.

Though she is not totally embittered by her disability, she believes that no man would ever get attracted to her because of it.

Located in a distant and poverty-stricken barrio, she is the only one left to make sure that the children there would get a good education.

A twist of fate brings the young and well-off Jean to the barrio and Chato does not take to the idea of having to work with someone like her.

By the time she realizes her mistake, she could no longer find a way to keep in touch with her parents again.

Left without a choice, she moves on with her life and starts to raise a family of her own.

Curing, a young girl who can't fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher during World War II.

Curing is crushed when her parents ask her to stop schooling three months before her graduation because they have no money.

Just like typical high school girls, they spend most of their time talking about either kikay stuff or cute boys in their class to the point that their parents become concerned about their dipping grades.