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Doing so with a male prostitute while allegedly using crystal meth, is scandalous – especially if you’re an evangelical pastor.

In 2006 Ted Haggard resigned as leader of the National Association of Evangelicals after it emerged he had a sexual relationship with male escort Mike Jones. Danny Bonaduce The former The Partridge Family star was not singing Come on Get Happy in 1991 when he was arrested on charges of robbing and assaulting a transvestite prostitute in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 1974, the then 30-year-old Cincinnati city councilman, resigned from office after admitting to hiring a prostitute.

If he hadn’t paid for the service with a personal check, he may have never been found out. Eddie Murphy What do you say after the cops pull you over and arrest the transsexual prostitute riding in your car?

Dubai actor and photographer Omar Borkan Al Gala became famous around the world after he was given his marching orders over concerns he might corrupt impressionable women.

Since then, he has gained nearly one million fans on Facebook and has also received a brand new Mercedes G55 as a gift from an admirer.

According to police Bonaduce beat Darius Lee Barney soon after the hooker got in his car.

The former child star later said: “When I picked him up, I thought he was a girl.” 9.

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