So one-and-a-half-lakh dollars,” I said on the phone to my mother.“Tell me in rupees,” she said.“It is forty-five to the dollar now. ” I heard a vessel drop.“What kind of work do you do anyway? ”“I have never heard anyone earn that much.”“I told you, I am in distressed debt. ” Debu, an advertising professional in New York City, whose feminist and communist leanings both bear out to be rather cosmetic in nature; Neel Gupta, a young Rajat Gupta-ish type who’s made partner at Goldman Sachs early on, and is married with kids; and the rather unfortunately named Brijesh Gulati, the groom at the destination wedding, an IT engineer with Facebook who dresses like Sundar Pichai and also belongs, before Menlo Park, San Francisco, to Radhika’s neighbourhood, Naraina Vihar, in West Delhi. All of the above were educated – at least partially – in India.

So we work with companies in trouble.”“How can you make money if those companies are in trouble? The clean and almost epic aspirational arc of the book is its primary hook.

Otherwise, there are no uncomfortable questions asked.

But what makes this compelling is the neat role reversal.

Here’s a look at the top trends that are altering and enhancing home spaces in India. A cantilever is a rigid structural element like a beam or slab that protrudes horizontally out of the main structure of a building.

The cantilevered structure almost seems to float on air.

In my opinion, it is important to see in that framework.

Since popular fiction is often not massively self-aware, there is, of course, a consistent glorification and celebration of the global financial ecosystem that has given Radhika her extraordinary material wealth. This is gently underlined through the difference between her investment banking job, for instance, and her father’s at the State Bank of India – he had retired as manager – and only once is there an argument between Radhika and Debu over the outcome of a casual telephone conversation between Radhika and her colleagues that will result in the retrenchment of workers in a factory in China (by closing the factory and selling it as real estate) to give Goldman Sachs a clean profit of twenty million.

A butterfly roof is a dramatic roof arrangement shaped, as the name suggests, like a butterfly.

It is an inverted version of the typical sloping roof - two roof surfaces slope downwards from opposing edges to join around the middle in the shape of a mild V.

than Wendy Cope to decode matters that are confoundingly complex and simple at once in the lives of women – whether men, relationships and new resolutions, or vague longings, striking failures and the exact point of oranges.