But there is no doubt that they’ll all keep reading till the very end to find out exactly what happened, in the final analysis, at the bus stop.Homes in India are evolving to become works of art as home owners look to express their taste and lifestyle through design.Hell, she is a greater success than even most unpopular nerds.

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So one-and-a-half-lakh dollars,” I said on the phone to my mother.“Tell me in rupees,” she said.“It is forty-five to the dollar now. ” I heard a vessel drop.“What kind of work do you do anyway? ”“I have never heard anyone earn that much.”“I told you, I am in distressed debt. ” Debu, an advertising professional in New York City, whose feminist and communist leanings both bear out to be rather cosmetic in nature; Neel Gupta, a young Rajat Gupta-ish type who’s made partner at Goldman Sachs early on, and is married with kids; and the rather unfortunately named Brijesh Gulati, the groom at the destination wedding, an IT engineer with Facebook who dresses like Sundar Pichai and also belongs, before Menlo Park, San Francisco, to Radhika’s neighbourhood, Naraina Vihar, in West Delhi. All of the above were educated – at least partially – in India.

So we work with companies in trouble.”“How can you make money if those companies are in trouble? The clean and almost epic aspirational arc of the book is its primary hook.

The novel opens at a cliff-hanger in the present, in a destination wedding in Goa – paid for, do note, by the bride herself. The complicated karmas of the past that are being reaped now are retold through flashbacks.

And so, it is to Wendy Cope that we turn, retrospectively, to obtain the pithiest, most appropriate poetic summation of Chetan Bhagat’s new novel is entirely told in a female voice.

Cantilevers also help conserve ground space, for lawns or backyards, while enabling more built-up area.

Cantilevers need to be designed and constructed carefully else the structure could be unstable and lead to floor vibrations. Roofs don’t need to be flat - in fact roof design can completely alter the size and feel of the space inside.

While small balconies of such type have existed for eons, construction technology has now enabled large cantilevers, that can even become large rooms.

A cantilever allows for glass facades on multiple sides, bringing in more sunlight and garden views.

You look at them flashing their indicators, Offering you a ride.

The following 12 lines by Ms Cope will convey the essence of the central conflict in the book that unfolds over the course of the next 270 pages: Bloody men are like bloody buses –You wait for about a year And as soon as one approaches your stop Two or three others appear.

It’s no surprise that global home design platform Houzz saw over a million visitors every month from India, even before their services were locally available.