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Sex chat for elderly-18

lol But my question is, do you think there's any specific reason why these men target older women?

Do they (or you, if you're one of them) think we'll be so grateful for the attention we'll be instantly turned on? " Because they are looking for sex, in reality or cyber sex.

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Generally the elderly are mature and won't come undone, but there are always those old women and old men who just never quite matured, probably due to lack of exerience , or too hung up on their personal moral....

Here's what I think about younger men wanting sex chat....

They believe that just being younger makes them attractive.

They believe that older women are all sitting alone and lonely and are desperate for male attention.

Essentially, they believe you are lonely and desperate and find them attractive just because they are young. One point: if older women did not so often prove the theory these young guys are operating on, they wouldn't be approaching older women for sex and sex talk.