There are several other VRS providers for the deaf, including Sorensen, Purple, Communication Axess Ability Group and Global VRS.

Their services, like those of privately held Convo, are government-subsidized, so calls are free to users.

(: Reducing Medicare spending with Obamacare entities) He recalled working for his father's real estate management firm and how challenging it was to deal with contractors and others on the phone.

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(: Deconstruction the Obamacare tax) While the incident was a setback in that struggle, Musano and his company, Convo, have been working for several year to improve the ability of the deaf to communicate with the hearing—and in ways that can broaden their career options.

Convo's technology, known as a video relay service, or VRS, lets a deaf or hearing-impaired person call a hearing one via a smartphone or Internet-enabled computer and talk to the other person through an American Sign Language interpreter.

It operates five call centers around the country, offering customers round-the-clock service. Musano mentioned a customer who used Convo to call his father.

The company's biggest challenge is ensuring the quality of interpreters because of the premium Convo places on having callers fully understand the tenor of the caller. After the call, the father texted the son to say that for the first time he sensed his son's "voice," Musano said.

While attending a holiday reception at the White House two months ago, Jarrod Musano was being introduced to President Barack Obama when the president realized Musano is deaf.