As the cause suggests, with treatment of erection problem the premature ejaculation will be treated automatically. Duration of sexual activity - both maximum and minimum duration in last one year. In case you feel that both the problems are independent then there is need to address both issues simultaneously for correction of the problem. There has not been any conflict between us caused by this problem. Obviously as you might be knowing this will cause less sensation during intercourse. It is one of the method which permanently helps in premature ejaculation.

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Firstly, use the condom which comes with long lasting properties.

Earlier I had taken herbal and ayurvedic revitalising tablets/capsules with no result. For the treatment of premature ejaculation following things will be helpful for you.

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Having said this I would like to know what was your initial problem, premature ejaculation or weak erection?

I commonly observed that people with erection problem try to rush the sexual intercourse because of fear that they will not able to maintain the erection for sufficient time.

I am not sure why your doctor prescribed you Nano leo as it has minimal effect on erection.