A married man with two children who lives in Umoja, Cedric parted with over KShs 40,000 to appease blackmailers who took photos of him while engaged in anal sex with another man from a hidden camera.Cedric told Identity Magazine by phone that he met a young lad called John* who lived in Pipeline, Embakasi estate and who set him up.‘George was shirtless after the act,’ Patrick added.

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By Denis Nzioka ‘George called me one evening which was a Friday and told me to meet him in Wendani estate in Nairobi. I agreed to go to Wendani the following Saturday in the morning.’ Patrick agreed to go to the meeting assuming the two were going to have sex.

‘It was clear; from his SMS and tone of voice he wanted sex.

“It's the latest in a long list of cookbook titles such as , aimed at turning average Joes into kitchen Casanovas,” according to ‘How to wine, dine - and move her straight to the bedroom’. with a bunch of girls, but the real coup de grace with me really was Shannon," says Luke.

“With her, [it’s] more of a Cook to Get To Know approach. Oh yeah." And then one day, Luke and Shannon both got their apples.

Patrick by now was naked and shivering as the men took turns photographing his genitals, face and behind.

They ransacked his pockets and took KShs 2,000 and a mobile phone.

They told him to dress and forced him out of the house and threatened to send the photos to the contacts on his phone if he did not part with KShs 100,000.

Patrick said that he left Wendani a humiliated man and has been forced to part with over KShs 20,000 so far which he sends to the men via M-Pesa.

Patrick is a 26 year old closeted gay man who has fallen prey to blackmailers and extortionists targeting gay men.