“Cities like Berlin and Copenhagen have 24/7 metros at the weekend, and it’s time we had one too.

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Unsurprisingly, she played her song written about the night tube, Free the Night, on more than one occasion. It’s exactly what London is about, and exactly what London needs.” Alex, who was with her, said the main benefit for him will be spending less money on Uber.

It was a name that cropped up again and again in conversations about the alternative methods people would have used to get home without the tubes operating.

“A short one,” he laughed, “normally it is 10 or 12 hours.” The night tube will make a significant difference to his weekend commute.

What used to be a 90-minute journey to Finsbury Park by bus would now be just 25 minutes on the tube.

The Northern, Jubilee and Piccadilly lines are expected to follow suit before the year is out.

Friday’s service started with little fanfare at Walthamstow Central, as the 00.10 departure, newly classified on the timetable as a night tube, left with only a few people on board. Originally from Athens, and having lived in London for five years, he’d travelled on the train specifically to head in to town to “see the drunken crowds.“I think it would be a good idea to extend it to Thursday,” he said. It’s been happy drunk, not nasty drunk.” That mood was demonstrated on the escalators at Oxford Circus at 3.45am, as two groups of passengers heading in different directions started chanting and singing “Night tube! Groups of passengers cheer and sing about the night tube on the Oxford Circus escalators. Actors Izzy Meikle, Eros Vlahos and Charlie Rowe are part of the group of the left.“For a lot of people Thursday night is when the weekend starts. Everyone would stay out late and not go to work on Monday.” Away from the trains, at Oxford Circus station, Charlotte Campbell had been busking through the night – packing up at 3.30am. One of them, Ibbi, said that the night tube will mean her “getting to do more of London.It might feel a little bit like slightly cringe speed-dating, but at least you could rest easy in the knowledge that the person you said a cheery hello to wasn't immediately going to try and disappear into the fabric on the seat cushions.Get cheap free sexy boobs tube online from China free sexy boobs tube wholesalers.It was the first day on the job for one of the cleaners – proof that the night service is already delivering some of the promised economic benefits with new jobs. Asked about the conditions of those helping the service to operate not directly employed by Tf L, Khan said he wanted to raise standards.