I have never felt uglier and I was always a self content [email protected] - that's a lot to handle all at once. But I'm putting this out there not to give you more worries, but rather for you to have something to consider, and so if ever it IS what it is, then at least in the future you cannot beat yourself over being so blind, and not having thought of it or considered it at all. it sounds like a wonderful way to love people, to be interested in them... I am glad this issue is being addressed, but the screening may still need work. also that he had good reviews is a little concerning, although sadly some people behave well most of the time and then surprise us.

if your partner is sharing this with you it sounds like they want to work it out. if you love each other you can figure if out together. Sometimes people confess things out of impulse --whether it be because it makes them feel guilty and so they have to open pandora's box for relief. So from where I'm seated, I think you're a wonderful person. I was just pressed for inappropriate and unhelpful details by a listener, who then told me he needed to go watch porn because I made him horny. I know generally that you are doing a lot and that it is hard to screen this stuff, but man. @Bev Bam9 I am sorry you suffered like this at the hands of an inappropriate listener. When you browse for a listener, https:// Listeners/ try checking the verified listener box and under topic select PTSD and Trauma, under Sort by select availability for a prompter chat.

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People will always have things we don't like about them. I just want you to know that if you decide to be a listener, you impress me as someone who has the "right stuff" as they say at NASA space progam.

I know our lives are often topsy turvy and we do not seem to have enough time, but listening to members has actually been part of my healing process.

But try to honor what you say you will talk about and be open-minded and honest if you make that claim in your profile, especially for those more intimate and sexuality-based topics. If you'd like, take a peek at my profile and feel free to leave me a message if you think you'd like to have a chat sometime. (I am newly arrived and have new friends.😳) @Melody Karen I don't feel it's "astounding" to post what I did.

:) @Ranmusic that's astounding that you feel you have to post that – I can't say whether that's true or not as I'm pretty new here but personally I don't even think about that, maybe because I was raised in a liberal state, or maybe I just listen to my own common sense and ethics of live, let live, and harm no one. I feel sympathy for you that this still has to be an issue in 2016 anywhere. What I stated was the truth - for me - I read profiles and categories very carefully. And then suddenly, they either disappear or feel uncomfortable or give me a bunch of "feel good" cliches. "Hey, send me a message and let me know how you do".

I would understand the occasional listeners having some issues but when it happens so frequently, I have to wonder what might be going on. I look at it as a natural way to filter out the energy in life that no longer serves you:) and If they do not accept you then it's their loss anyways...:) Much love Dish @Ranmusic Hi. I think sometimes people use their profile as a kind of marketing message as to how they would like to be, or how they would like to be seen.

Anyway, I'm not ranting (again) but I just had to elaborate a bit on my original concern. Like a wish list of "these are all the things I'd like to be".

I have had my account blocked twice in the past because listeners didn't understand where I was coming from. If you have even the slightest problem with discussing lgbt or other similar issues, DON'T PUT 'LGBT' IN YOUR PROFILE!

I had a listener block me today because I started saying I was having some lgbt issues in my relationship and she blocked me. If it's not that, they suddenly fade out of the chat at some point and give you a bunch of pep talk comments like, "There's nothing wrong" or "Don't be ashamed" or some nonsense like that. If you actually do allow discussions in that subject, show that you really care!

@Geodc yes – this exactly – people say don't compromise but you have to compromise with any relationship, but what you shouldn't do is allow yourself to compromise on major, basic needs like affection and Many people have problem with PORN(addiction). I don't feel that way anymore, I can have an orgasm but after I just feel sad. It may be all of the above mixed into a cocktail that just so happens to hurt you.