Hey, not everyone in love needs to watch other people's sappy relationships—real, fictional or otherwise—to have a good time. You can still have a romantic night with your partner or by yourself watching any other genre of movie that tickles your fancy.If laughter is your aphrodisiac, check out the best comedy movies streaming on Netflix.For technical support or additional information, please call 1 866 905-6784, anytime.

Love is different for everyone, and exists in so many different ways. From more light-hearted romantic comedies, to serious, heartbreaking dramas, from tame to titillating, we’ve got you covered.

If you want to be (or at least appear to be) a little more cultured and watch a foreign film, we’ve got that too.

There’s even romantic animation if that’s what you’re into.

Maybe you and your boo aren’t into sappy romance movies at all, and hate anything associated with the genre.

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If that’s the case, then we suggest you order in, or even better yet cook a meal together, and press play on one of the 25 best romantic movies streaming on Netflix right now.

Think about it: an intimate meal, a tearjerker of a film—optimal cuddle opportunity.

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