Estella Market, located at the main hall, booms with bartering and exchange, carrying similar vibes of North African markets.

It’s suggested to come early before the heat and crowds swarm in.

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Rather, it’s quite the opposite; Stone Town is the oldest functioning Swahili city in the world, and has the rich historical landmarks to prove it.

If Zanzibar Town holds the heart of the archipelago, then Stone Town can be considered its soul.

With winding streets and alleyways that bring charm to this island city, Stone Town embodies a unique cultural fusion of African, Arabia and European elements.

After flying into Stone Town, one is bound to stock up on basic necessities; what better way to do that than a stop at the local market. Bustling at dawn until mid-afternoon, it’s a one-stop-shop for local goods ranging from cell phones to spices to live chickens.

Located in the depths of Zanzibar City, Stone Town is a coastal spot that has historically held importance in trade.

Throughout centuries, Stone Town has meshed the culture of various areas into its own architecture and culture.Be prepared to enjoy the beauty of this rich island city!Welcome to the largest and fastest growing online community for single Christians.It is filled with beautiful relics of the past, found in the marble floors, ornate coral stone walls, and silver decorations.Though decaying due to natural causes and the span of time, the palace is fit for royalty with its beautiful views of the sea.With a mission to provide opportunities to residents to study music, the institute offers free workshops and seminars that are free to the public.