He started chatting online with a woman and before he knew it, he was sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings with her.

Very soon, this led to emotional closeness and they were flirting via texts and chat messages.

Her fiance got transferred to Chennai and she could not cope with the long-distance relationship.

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When her fiancé found out (he had her password and saw her messages), the engagement was called off.

The colleague in office is married and has dumped her since he thinks this will jeopardise his relationship with his wife.

flatmates were making there way out of the club so Dan and I followed slowly behind chatting in the que for our jackets then continuing to chat outside.

My flatmates left to go to a party, I told them I would get a cab and follow on.

While making my way to the exit of the club I bumped in to this tall,dark good looking guy he smiled down at me and our eyes locked..

I was instantly attracted to him,we started chatting while people around us was making there way out of the club pushing passed, I didn't care I wanted to keep chatting to Dan,he was so hot.

Rahul started realising that he was getting extremely attached to her, and finding faults with his wife.

He came for counselling because his ‘chat’ friend wanted to meet up and he was confused.

On the other hand, if you are having emotional sex, you will end up sharing intimate details of your life, that only your partner should be privy too.

Flirty text messages and romantic fantasies involving your ‘so-called friend’ are other warning signs to look out for.

Counselling and therapy made him realise that his relationship with his wife was strained.