These three films proved that Telugu films could come out of mythological bend and focus on reality.

The talent of Telugu actors and actresses in playing such realistic roles also gave confidence to the film men and women of Telugu movies.

Telugu films’ first star Akkineni Nageswar Rao or ANR was a stage actor and his first film Sriram of Balaramiah was released in 1944 wherein he played as a character actor. ANR ruled over Telugu films for a considerable time.

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Most of them were conducted as screen versions of the stage.

There were no cinematic scripts, body language and dialogues. Maya Bazaar was a classic example of film version of stage.

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We will provide more Telugu books, novels, kids stories & videos in future. We are not responcible for the content privacy published in the site. Both ANR and NTR played together for the first time in Palletnori Pilla of B A Subba Rao and also in Samsaram. ANR and NTR filmed together in 15 films including the famous Gundamma Katha, Missamma and Chanyaka-Chandgragupta. Mostly seen in mythological movies, NTR ruled the Telugu filmdom for twenty long yeas since 1962.With S V Ranga Rao, NTR played in mostly mythological films and almost reached the status of a demi-god to the audience.Chiranjeevi is the new cult figure that emerged in Telugu filmdom in 1987. His ability to dance, fight and the superlative performance as an ‘angry young man’ has made him a living icon in modern Telugu films.Telugu Cinema has been revolutionized by three art movies of Shyam Benegal ‘s Anugraham (1977), Mrinal Sen’s Oka Kuri Katha (1977) and Gautam Ghosh’s Maa Bhoomi (1979).Telugu movies won National awards for best feature film since 1983.