While it’s a turn-on when a guy can speak the language of his ancestry, it’s a turn-off when a guy can’t speak it but pretends he can to impress me.

I understand my White privilege very well and, even though I see how unfair it is, I can’t say I don’t enjoy it. So…the second, and most common, reaction is False Hope.

Coincidentally, I know a lot of Asian guys also like non-Asian girls – specifically, White girls. Once this type of Asian guy hears that this white girl only dates Asian men, he’s all over me. I call it false hope because, unfortunately for him, that’s not all it takes.

The answer is the same to both questions: because that’s what I’m attracted to. On the other hand, when Asian men hear about my preference, one of two things happens. I get reprimanded for some purely sexual fetish and how I’m a White Female so I’m supposed to like White guys too, and how can I dislike my White counterpart?

According to these Asian Males, I should just get over my daddy issues and stop being self-racist. For one, I’m something of a daddy’s girl, even though I don’t rely on him like a typical daddy’s girl would.

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