View full post Malta Humanist Association are able to offer a number of ceremonies and services related to life events – especially baby namings, weddings and funerals.

Read more about the services we offer, or contact one of our accredited celebrants directly to find out what kind of personalised, meaningful ceremony we can provide for you. View full post by Ramon Casha; photos by Ramon Casha except sheep and chimpanzee photos – see image description.

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In this article I’ve restricted myself to the last 500 years or so.

There were many other earlier examples but in recent times they’ve come faster than …If nothing happens, get dressed and leave before being thrown out.Don't forget your nice cup of herbal tea before you leave.We strive towards a more secular nation where church and state are separate.The Malta Humanist Association was set up in a meeting attended by founding members Ramon Casha, James Debono, Philip Manduca, …My best friend is my dog :-) , as I love animals and...