As soon as your chat started the program counts the time of the chat.

The first minute of chat costs 0.10 UNITs, every further second costs 0.0016 UNITs.

If the lady wants to chat wit you she will reply to your invitation.

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Once logged in, you will see "Online Ladies" menu item on the left side under "Our Pretties" section of the menu.

Click on "Online Ladies" button to see which ladies are currently logged on.

You will also be getting messages from ladies who want to initiate a chat with you.

If a lady invites you to chat, you will see a window showing who would like to chat with you.

If you were chatting online with the girl but she stopped replying to your messages, and didn't get back to you within 10 minutes, you will not be charged for the last 10 minutes of the chat.

If the girl stopped answering you, you waited a little bit and then clicked "End chat" the chat is considered ended at the time you received the last message from the girl.

Online chat is an extra service designed to help men and women exchange short messages in real time.

To use Online chat please first login to our site using your username and password.

You can review lady's profile before starting chat with the lady.