This calls for a standardization, which provides a generic model where applications can be written without keeping in mind the equipment and the technology.On the equipment side, the With the emergence of 3G technologies, the constraint on the low data rates may not be as limiting as it is today but is must be understood clearly that, as bandwidth increases, the handsets power consumption also increases which further taxes the already limited battery life of a mobile device.A mobile is something that we take along with us where ever we go (unlike our computers) and that is one of the reasons many analysts believe that within three years more people will be accessing the Internet from mobile phones than from office or home computers.

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The issue is that with a range of mobile devices and underlying mobile wireless technologies, developing services specific to each type of equipment and specific to a particular technology is troublesome.

An application written for specific equipment and a specific technology wont work anywhere else.

Mobile Internet access surely is poised to be a major commercial success.

While the underlying network technologies keep on evolving, what is going to differentiate on network from the other is finally the services that it provides to the end user.

To enable IIST to be a world class research institution by actively participating in developing the advanced technology requirements of ISRO.

To enable IIST to attain its mission goals related to advanced technology research in space technology in collaboration with ISRO, with the following objectives: ASTDC is headed by Shri Saji A Kuriakose, Outstanding Scientist, on a working arrangement basis from Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad.

Well, its true, but the ground realities are different.

No doubt Internet has grown fast, well really fast! The fundamental difference lies in the fact that whereas academics and scientists started the Internet, the force behind mobile Internet access is the cash-rich mobile phone industry.

Mobile industry has always been looking for more avenues to make more money and in this attempt, the mobile industry besides carefully finding about the needs and requirements for a mobile data user is also creating new demand patterns also.