It may run completely stealth, broadcast its operation or require authorization, depending on the Organization’s policy.

It is extremely easy to use, you are up and running in one minute.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Launched on 22nd March, AWRC 12.7 with the new 100% SIMD-powered memory data move engine which will accelerate most operations namely screen updates and data transfers.

Launched on 9th February, AWRC Pro Portable catering to a particular class of technicians.

PS: AWRC Pro (and the junior-level AWRC) are the only pieces of software in the World that allow you to connect and control a remote computer without installing any software on it. Connects clean, leaves clean, nothing is left on the remote computer.

We added a few more free tools, and improved the existing ones, to our Online Super Tools Section.

- PHSM-Calendar supports a html5 clock - currently there are 78 different html5 clocks available (21 types).

- PHSM-Calendar also provides a Countdown / Stop Watch timer and an Alarm Clock function.

The data mining engine has been reviewed and improved.

| | | Multi Arc | Far2wc | | | | | Windows Power Pro TCIMG - , . This is a perpetual calendar that shows Week numbers, Leap year, Number of day, Daylight sawing time and Time zone info.

- The format of Date and Time can be set by the user.