Living on the rugged coast of Chile and Peru, the Humboldt penguins have thrived in an area where one of the driest deserts encounters one of the coldest ocean currents.Due to unique underwater topography, the area around Punta San Juan, Peru provides ideal habitat for fish that the penguins and other seabirds depend upon.

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Cessna Penguin Cove has provided us the opportunity to showcase Humboldt penguins.

In addition, it also allows a novel opportunity for us to present the plight of marine species and habitats.

Penguins are dependant on land for molting (the annual shedding of feathers that are replaced with new), breeding, and nesting.

Most species of penguin breed once each year, laying one or two eggs.

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Many penguins nest in open habitats with primitive nests on the ground.

The familiar emperor penguin uses its feet, feathers, and fat to keep eggs warm, while Humboldt penguins nest in natural crevices or small caves.

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