I have been exploring graduate programs where I can work on this topic.

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The burnout cycle continued; every six months I’d completely crash from the effort (I graphically remember a vacation to Hawaii with friends where I slept 20 hours a day for the first four days – so much that Amy thought something was physically wrong with me.) I drank too much, I struggled with my weight, and I felt physically crappy. At age 34 when – on a long weekend with friends where I was completely absent and struggling to get through a difficult deal (for a company that eventually failed) – Amy turned to me and said “I’m done. You either have to change, or it’s over.” That woke me up!

We spent the rest of the weekend talking about what change meant. After that weekend, we created a set of well defined rules which have evolved over time.

Having said that, I know of at least one example where a student came from India to work with a colleague and that summer project turned into an application to grad school. I am asking because I would like to know what a professor can gain in such situations.

The only potential gain for a professor is if they are able to attract an undergrad from a strong institution, build a relationship, and then have that undergrad come to their university for grad school. What if the student is really strong and has great potential but he is from a fairly unknown institution?

I hope it’s useful / inspiring / thought provoking for others out there in the world searching for the elusive “work life balance thing.” The challenge of “work life balance” is a central theme for many people, especially entrepreneurs.

It took me 15 years, a failed first marriage, and my current wife (Amy Batchelor, Wellesley Graduate) almost calling it quits for me to realize that I had to figure out what “work life balance” meant to me.The balance that I’ve discovered has helped me understand the value of other things, which has made my work and – more importantly – my life – much more rewarding.So any successful letter needs to address these three issues very effectively and quickly (because I delete these emails without reading more than a few lines). What would you like to gain from an undergraduate project like this one?As I discovered what balance meant to me, the rules evolved into a set of habits which – among others – include (1) Spend Time Away, (2) Life Dinner, (3) Segment Space, (4) Be Present, and (5) Meditate.Following are examples of each: The habits have created a structure for my life that not only encourages but reinforces a healthy work life balance.During this time, I was very successful at the work I did.